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Toolbox Weekly #21

Scale Custom Color Illustrations, Limus Tilt Screenshots, Image Crop Here Tool, UIprint Printables Wireframes & Sketchpad, Isoflow Isometric Cloud Diagrams, Invisible Whitespace Characters.

font reach popular

Font Reach

Check how popular is a specific font with Font Reach tool. It scan the top websites on the internet for specific font usage and also has listing of top fonts.

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dead link checker tool

Dead Link Checker

A free online tool to check for broken links on homepage or all pages of a website. Just enter the website URL and see list of broken links (error 404 pages) that need fixing.

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convert svg clip path

SVG Clip Path

Convert SVG absolute clip-path to relative to neatly add shape effect. This free converter prepares the SVG path to be used in CSS clip-path.

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fresh folk

Fresh Folk

Illustration library of people and objects where you can mix and match various characters, objects, skin tones, and objects to create a custom looking scene as an illustration.

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transparent textures

Transparent Textures

Free collection of transparent textures that you can use as background by combining with solid background colors for extra fancy effect to your web layout without too much file size overload.

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illlustrations co

Illlustrations Co

Upto 100 awesome illustrations that you can download for free and use in your personal or commercial projects without any need to credit, license, or anything.

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Clean your email list for better email deliver-ability with Mailercheck. Also, take verification a step further with insights and automated recommendations.

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Convert your regular images into SVG format with free Convert2SVG online tool. Just select the conversion style like grayscale, detailed, sharp, artistic, and so on. Then upload your image file and get the SVG format equivalent.

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rate this podcast tool

Rate This Podcast

Create a short link for your podcast to allow listeners to easily access links for adding podcast reviews and feedback. Rate This Podcast tool allows you to make a memorable link to read on air that gets you more reviews and subscribers.

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pixeltrue illustrations

Pixeltrue Illustrations

A free collection of very beautiful illustration packs. Multiple packs available for download like vibrant, trendy, sunday, fresh, minimalistic, eco, and more.

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saas pages collection

SaaS Pages

See the best landing page designs with focus on copy writing and design. SaaS Pages has it organized as Hero Section, CTAs, Features, Pricing, FAQs, Testimonials, Footers, and more.

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Completely free collection SVG isometric illustrations for use in your website, projects, and apps. Comes with MIT License that allow free usage without attribution requirement.

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