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Before it goes away, the best CSS tool for website designers and developers! Lifetime Deal for only $49

Fast access 10TB storage for your files, website backups and documents. Pay Once, upto 80% OFF

Schedule meetings with custom booking pages and calendar integrations Lifetime Deal for only $29

Jitsi Free Video Calling Solution


Completely free and open-source solution for video conferencing. An alternative to Zoom and Skype for making quick video calls over the computer or mobile devices without any account requirements.

Zappy Screen Capture By Zapier


Zappy is a new tool from Zapier to capture screenshots, create GIFs and even do recordings. This early access version is free and is only available for Mac OS users.

Swach Io Color Management Tool


A color management tool for your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux). Includes colour picker, palettes for organization, contrast checker within the same tool.

Keeper Fyi Search Documents


Search documents in Google Drive faster (upto 20X) with Keeper. It also connects with other tools like Dropbox, SalesForce for searching across more data.


A program for Windows and Mac users to manage SVG icons collection easily. You can drag and drop of icons, sync them across various devices, and also publish your icon sets.

font base

Font Base

A font management program for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It includes support for Google Fonts, glyph, and open type features. For easy management allow creation of collections and nested folders.

Words to Time

Words to Time

Find how much time will you take to read a speech or presentation. Just enter number of words, select reading speed among slow, medium, and fast to get reading time value in minutes.