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kody tools calculators

kody Tools

A website with 300+ free online tools like measurement unit converters, financial calculators, text formatting tools, code minifier, beautifier tools, and many more.

linkedin carousel generator at taplio

Linkedin Carousel Generator

Quickly generate a sideshow carousel for use on Linkedin using tweets of your choice from Twitter. You can also use Reddit posts as the content of the Linkedin carousel.

portent title maker ideas tool

Content Title Maker

This content idea generator tool at the Portent website lets you create catchy titles for your posts, podcasts, and videos. Start by typing the subject and explore auto-generated ideas.

use the keyboard shortcuts collection

Use The Keyboard

A dedicated website with a collection of keyboard shortcuts for various popular Windows programs, Mac Apps, and websites. Like for Slack, 1Password, Notion, Figma, Discord, Telegram, and more.

screely website to mockup tool


Add your screenshot image in a cool web browser mockup photo with the Screely tool. You can customize the style of the browser window along with other customization features.

hobby generator suggestions

Hobby Generator

Not sure which hobby to pick up to become more engaging and productive? Hobby Generator gives a lot of hobby suggestions for those creative ideas which your friends may not give!

privy sms marketing templates examples

SMS Marketing Templates

Check a free collection of marketing templates for short messaging like over SMS. You can choose among categories like cart abandonment, black Friday, product launch, post-purchase, and more.

email flows visual funnel

Email flows

Email flows is an excellent source for ready-to-use visual email funnel sequences from leads to conversions. You can browse for various categories like SaaS, eCommerce, real estate, edtech, and more.

qlndr qr code events


An online tool to generate QR Codes for events and appointments that automatically add the event to the calendar with all the information about the event pre-populated. Handy to put this QR code on flyers and business cards.