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Profile Picture Maker Tool

Profile Picture Maker

Create a circular profile photo with border design featuring gradients color effect with profile picture maker tool. A quick way to make your profile photo cool looking.

Background Generator Patterns

Background Generator

Generate images with a different objects within a browser. Select among different objects and customize with color, blur, rotation, and more. There is even a gallery with pre-made backgrounds.

Artista Animate Svg Images

SVG Artista

Add animation to SVG images with stroke and fill properties using SVG Artista. It is one of the simpler SVG animation tool and useful for users starting with SVG animations.

Zappy Screen Capture By Zapier


Zappy is a new tool from Zapier to capture screenshots, create GIFs and even do recordings. This early access version is free and is only available for Mac OS users.

Bulk resize photos online

Bulk Resize Photos

A very fast online image resize tool that does resizing and compressing on your device itself within web browser. Photos are not uploaded online on any server. It promises to resize 150 images in 60 seconds.

Image Color Picker

Image Color Picker

Hover on any part of a specific image to find the exact color in HEX, RGB, HSL and CMYK format. The magnifier allows you to zoom into a specific spot on an image.

photoronoi svg effect


Free online tool to convert regular images into a voronoi SVG. You can customize settings like image opacity, stroke width, dots resolution, and more for a more custom output.

get waves svg generator

Get Waves

Generate different type wave shape dividers for quick user in website layouts. Using Get Waves generator, select the wave type and download either PNG divider image or grab the SVG code for displaying wave divider.

doka photo tool

Doka Photo

Do simple image editing online within web browser using Doka Photo tool. It allows you to crop, add filters, colors, markup, and resize images.