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Gradientify Svg Gradient Icons

Gradientify SVGs

A collection of SVG icons with cool colour gradient effect. You can select gradient colors to product custom colored SVG icons as per your project requirements.

Coronaicons Covid 19 Free Icons Pack


Icons pack by Benny Bowden for Corona Virus awareness. Includes icon for: stay at home, flatten the curve, wash your hands, no hoarding, hydrate, support local, six feet, covid-19 and more.

Evil Icons Free Svgs Clean Icon Pack

Evil Icons

An SVG icons pack featuring icon and clean looking icons. You can download the pack for SVG, Illustrator, or Sketch. It support Rails, Sprockets, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt and CDN.

Fontawesome Covid 19 Awareness Icons

FA Awareness Icons

In the wake of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), Font Awesome has released a set of free awareness icons. Icons to communicate good hygiene and social distancing ready for use in signage, reports, sites, apps and projects.

copy glyphs

Copy Glyphs

An online tool to quickly copy any special characters and symbols (called glyphs) to quick use in your email, documents, apps, or websites. You can search for specific glyphs or browse via tabs like math, latin, and arrows.

tabler icons pack

Tabler Icons

A completely free collection (MIT license) of 500+ SVG icons ready for use in your web projects. Every icon is designed on a 24×24 grid and a 2px stroke. A useful collection for sure.

CSS gg

Over 500+ icons made with CSS code only. So, no icon file downloading – just grab the icon CSS code and show crisp CSS based icons anywhere on your website or online projects.

Super Tiny Icons

Super Tiny Icons

Icons collection feature minimal SVG version of your favorite logo in less than 1KB size. The average size is under 465 bytes and logos have a 512×512 view box (and scale up nicely).



A collection of over 460+ icons available for free download for personal and client projects. It has icons categorized as basic, arrows, food, file, security, maps, music, symbols, devices, and more.