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Programming Fonts In Browser

Programming Fonts

Test drive your code in various fonts ideal for programming language. Among 98 fonts, you can filter between sans, serif, vector, bitmap options to discover a font that looks the best to you.

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Colors And Fonts Online Tools Collection

Colors and Fonts

Colors and Fonts feature a collection of useful tools like gradient pattern, color palletes, gradients, contrast, material colors, color convertor, web safe colors, and more.

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Get The Font Search And Download

Get The Font

An easy tool to search and download font files of any specific font. Just type the font name, select the font file type among OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT to get going,

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Modular Scale Font Sizes

Modular Scale

A useful tool for web designers to size their type (font sizes) is more meaningful way. Select the base em value and ratio to see size variations of the text.

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Typo Fonts Pairing Inspiration

Typ IO

Fonts inspiration directory that showcase new and popular fonts being used in current times. For sure a good way to see which fonts look good together and baked for usage.

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Wordmark It Preview Fonts Custom Text

Wordmark It

Preview your custom text in fonts installed on your computer. Further, you can preview same text in different Google Fonts. A handy tool for quick font selection decisions.

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font base

Font Base

A font management program for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It includes support for Google Fonts, glyph, and open type features. For easy management allow creation of collections and nested folders.

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Font Style Matcher

Font Style Matcher

Decide on the fall back font easily by finding matching font with the current parent font. Using similar font styles will prevent jarring shift in layout due to sizing discrepancies between the two fonts.

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Type Terms

Learn the basics of typographic terminology with Type Terms. Get to know what foot, aperture, counter, tail, stroke, baseline, bowl, and so on means with regard to font typography.

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font reach popular

Font Reach

Check how popular is a specific font with Font Reach tool. It scan the top websites on the internet for specific font usage and also has listing of top fonts.

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