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Ricos Developer Cheatsheets Collection

Dev Hints

A collection of developer focussed cheatsheets written by Rico Sta. Cruz neatly organized for easy reading. A lot of topics have been covered including saas, react, es6, vim, xpath, and more.

Css Pattern Background Library

Pattern CSS

Beautiful background patterns made with CSS only. This CSS library features a lot of pattern styles like checks, grids, dots, diagonal lines, vertical lines, triangles, zig-zags, and more.

Generate Dark Css Webpage

Dark CSS Generator

Want to add a dark layout option to your webpage? Dark CSS Generator automatically generates CSS Code to render dark layout for any entered website URL.

Smooth Shadow Css Generator

Smooth Shadows

Make the shadow effect more smooth with the layered effect. This online generator allows you to adjust: number of layers of shadow, transparency, vertical distance, blur strength for custom code output.

Mvp Css Minimalist Stylesheet


A minimalist stylesheet file of just 8KB for HTML elements to create HTML webpages. It supports simple and reusable components for making neat designs real quick.

Sharing Buttons Code Generator

Sharing Buttons

An online tool to generate code for social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email. Since it is a manual code, there is no javascript and no tracking attached to social sharing buttons.

Web Skill Roadmap Chart

Web Skills Roadmap

An interactive roadmap with useful resource links to learn web skills. Stages like fundamentals, accessibility, web components, progressive web apps, build tools, frameworks, testing, and more.

More Toggles Css Code

More Toggles CSS

A CSS code library to implement toggle functionality in your webpages. Be it simple toggle effect to stars, hearts, microphone mute, video stop, pin, and more are included.

Css Effects Snippets

CSS Effects Snippets

A collection of CSS based effects for text, buttons, and animation styles. Just click on the effect you want to apply to auto copy the CSS code ready for the use.